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    Here’s the the things I do understand:

    xhtml, css and javascript i understand fully
    php, except for “includes” and making mail-forms I haven’t really used it much. (I do have the php bible tough …)I’ve installed EasyPHP …

    So, I want to make my own wordpress-blog/-website, I’ve read about the installation, it all seems very explained, yet I still have questions …

    In the beginning you need to build your mySQL database and fill in the config … do I need to download software for this database other than EasyPHP? I mean, I’ve learned to write sql some time ago, I just need some directiosn here, it’s all a bit confusing to me right now … can someone please say how I should build this database and wath software I should use?

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  • Bodhipaksa


    It’s much easier than you’re assuming. If you had to understand sql in order to set up WordPress there wouldn’t be many blogs out there!

    Your webhost should allow you to create a database through some kind of admin panel. When I did this I did nothing but specify the database name, and then when WordPress is installed it adds all the tables. The database name you’ve chosen goes in the php-config.php file so that WP knows where to put the tables.



    I see, but when I first want to create this wordpress-blog/-website locally I can use phpMyAdmin to create this database?

    Because I haven’t really bought webspace yet … I first wanted to check out the possibilities … and experiment locally …



    For local experiments > XAMPP



    You can use phpMyAdmin to edit the database if you really need to. I have not really had to use it much as I am not that fantastic with php. All I’ve needed is a basic knowledge of CSS and (X)HTML.

    Though if you are looking into blogging, I would highly recommend WordPress, not least for this support forum. Once you’re set up, you’ll probably find the answer to any problem here.




    Thanks Moshu, very interesting, just what I needed to get launched here.

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