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    I was trying to run regenerate thumbnails. I was getting messages like

    Skipped Attachment ID 351: Internal Server Error (1 instance)

    Skipped Attachment ID 374: Loop Detected (rest of the images and it seems like it stopped or locked up)

    SOme of the initial images did seem to process oK

    Some like Regenerated 20180101-frozen-bay-3.jpg seemed to work.

    I am a bit short on resources on my server. Perhaps that caused the issue? Ill see if I can do it by command line but I would appreciate any thoughts as to what the errors mean.



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  • Oh, I also saw Unable to fetch a list of attachment IDs to process from the WordPress REST API. You can check your browser’s console for details.

    Plugin Contributor Alex Mills


    Do you have any issues when you upload an image for the first time?

    Internal Server Error might be able to be diagnosed by checking your PHP error log.

    I have no idea what Loop Detected is about. Sounds like some weird type of redirect is going on, due to server configuration perhaps.

    Anyway, yes, it sounds like increasing your server resources or using WP-CLI if you have command line access to your server would be best.

    My plugin doesn’t do anything particularly special when doing the regenerating — it’s the same code that runs when you upload an image for the first time. I just wrap some code around it for the REST API and then add all of the interface for it.


    I did get things working. What I did was to do do the regeneration in blocks of 40 from the Media grid page.

    Also, I’m using image watermark. I made sure I skipped the water mark image for the regeneration.

    I then went in blocks of 40 and re-applied the watermarks.

    I can’t test it right now but I suspect that the problem might have been from trying to regenerate the watermark.


    1. Your plugin works great
    2. I was able to regenerate by doing a page of 40 at a time in the media grid
    3. I skipped my watermark image file for regeneration and for applying a watermark.

    thanks for the quick response.


    Plugin Contributor Alex Mills


    Glad you got it working. đŸ™‚

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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