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  • I think I am so close on this, but I’m missing one little part.

    We have a custom search to display links to the pages with training videos in the library, and it works fine.

    Now, we want to expand this search and include blog results as well. I have the search term which we are using to pull video results (call it $videocode) and I want to have a little script run (w/o a new form being involved) to search blog postings for the same term and return an array.

    I ca break the array into title, etc.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • A little more detail on this.

    I want to add the blog search results at the bottom of the list of video results.

    I can pull the original search term used from the query string.

    The code returning the video listings is a custom built search routine, that searches only the custom video database, (the video library is from a database associated with a custom build plugin.)

    I just want to use the entered search term to pull from the blog listings and show those results an the same page as the video results.

    Thank you.

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