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  • How do I post something and have it display without showing date of the post or date of an edit?

    (Still need it archived by month though.)

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  • Why don’t you just edit out the_date or the_time (whatever you have) in your template files?

    [please, don’t double-triple post – all the new topics about this will be deleted!]

    moshu – can you tell me how to change this post so that it shows up at so Denis can see and answer it.

    He will know which file I will find the code in as I cannot find it.

    I just added “semiologic” to your tags list above.. it should be listed there now right? Or that was for my “tags”, but maybe you could add it as your own or moshu could..


    Yes, thanks.

    Only you (spencerp) see it as “mytag”. It’s there now and it should be OK.

    Yeah, slaps self..that’s why I edited my reply quick lmaO! “Or that was for my “tags”, but maybe you could add it as your own or moshu could..”

    Hehe..kinda registered when I seen: “Your Tags”.. meaning for me.. =) Thanks for pointing that out and doing it for him lol…I had the idea of the “tags” right though..using that I mean.. =)


    Denis – spencerp helped me.

    Just change “true” to “false” in The sem-theme-posts.php
    ‘show_post_date’ => true,

    alternatively, call:


    rather than:


    in the theme’s index.php file.

    Denis-de-Bernardy, oh ok.. =) What I had said, which at the time, I wasn’t really sure about it..had worked. But it is your theme, so no arguments from here lol! =) I guess mine was or can be classified as a “temporary” fix then maybe, I dunno..

    erusch, just do what Denis says then..ok. =)


    Now that I’m rid of the dates, I’d also like to hide/delete the “By Administrator” on the product Pages I’m creating.

    Underneath the “Decorative Mirrors” heading.

    Where is that found and what is the fix?

    Thanks again for all the help.

    same kind of thing:


    the param list and their default values (for posts) are:

    ‘show_post_date’ => true,
    ‘show_posted_on_by’ => false,
    ‘show_posted_on’ => false,
    ‘show_posted_by’ => false,
    ‘show_updated_on’ => true,
    ‘show_filed_under’ => false,
    ‘show_filed_under_by’ => true,
    ‘show_actions’ => true,
    ‘show_email_link’ => true,
    ‘show_print_link’ => true,
    ‘sep’ => ‘•’

    the theme’s plugin internals override the defaults in some situations. you can override all of this by specifying the values you want in the index.php file.

    as a complete aside, there is also a sell page template for static pages (write > page). on top of cleaning the template from the clutter, it will remove the middle column in the three page template in order to remove the incentive to go ‘elsewhere’. 🙂

    I guess the override was in effect. Pasting the_posts(‘show_post_date=false&show_posted_by=false’); in the index took care of it, where editing sem-theme-posts didn’t.

    I may just end up using the sell page template. Debating easy access to rest of products vs. absence of clutter and incentive to leave.

    I just noticed that when I put the_posts(‘show_posted_by=false’); in index.php it makes the “posted by” go away as desired but now the home page: shows “Permalink • Print • Email” where it didn’t before.

    What’s the fix for this fix?


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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