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    A hacker every 3 hours posts lengthy diatribes in Polish creating tags for it.
    He has somehow created “wormgive” as a username with a password and created a category to which he puts his diatribes and blog in my website that lacks the word “delete” as do other categories, etc. with the “edit/quick edit/view” alternatives.
    I have changed my email and username passwords, and his username passwords, but he keeps returning.
    How do I block and get rid of that hacker?
    My site is and

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  • Hi.
    Try to get his IP address and block it from either your cPanel settings or .htaccess file.
    Also, run an antyspyware and a antivirus scans in case you have a key logger lurking in the bgd.
    Also, the nature of the things he has been doing seems to indicate he had access to your back-end (Admin Panel), which might confirm the presence of a key logger in your system.
    After you are done with your scans, follow all the steps in the link s_ha_dum provided you with.
    Good luck!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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