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  1. Kanashimi
    Posted 5 years ago #

    The site is http://918thefan.com and if you notice, when you click on a header image in some posts (take http://918thefan.com/2011/tempest%E2%80%99s-downpour-%E2%80%93-anime-in-jokes-8-onmyouji-oni-and-yokai-%E2%80%93-oh-my/ for example by clicking the first image). The image itself goes to the attachment.php page (I believe), but honestly I don't even want this page around. It's a waste of a click and a load.

    Some people have solved this problem with lightbox or others; however, activating any of these makes it so my drop down slider that says "Dashboard" up top doesn't work. Is there just a way to disable that useless page in the middle?

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