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    Sweet lil plugin.

    Q: You know what is the most challenging to get going with this plugin?
    A: Getting people registered in the first place as opposed to just being anonymous website wanderers

    With that in mind, I’d put it to you guys to think about some cookie based pop-up for anonymous users that rewards them with a ‘Starter Pack’ badge to try and get them hooked into registering and engaging in the badge system.

    Without getting them registers, the badge system has no value, don’t you think?

    Open to thoughts. Just wanted to get some engagement of my own, as to the potential downside as I see it, for my sites.

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  • I’m 100% agree and can even give an example – this is implementation.

    And 1 more thing – yammer integration would be just GREAT too, couse nowdays all rewards people earned in wordpress sites can lead to successfull becoming part of a team. And preserving all indicaters of knowlege and contribution would be just right, usefull and exciting.

    Yammer has all api.

    Plugin Author BadgeOS


    @martin: Thanks for the comments. One of the current triggers does track and reward Logins to the site. You can award points, steps or badges when someone logins 1x. That would certainly reward people on your site for creating an account and logging in the first time. You can make an achievement set to be “earned by” Required Steps, and then make the step “login to site” 1 x. Then feature your achievement post or make an independent post or page on your site linking to your registration page and inviting people to join. Once in, they’ll have earned their first badge, points, etc.

    @signale Thanks for the feature request. Your +1 for it has been noted!

    Credly, you’re welcome and now I can make even one more much useful:

    why limiting by integration with just yammer, when we’ve got services like this:

    Let’s make one solution and use it all over the internet!

    Can imagine, first I give my writers rewards for articles on different sites and then they display it on our social network in yammer or the last one is not integrated into cloudwork yet too, but I’m sure it’s not for long)!

    Every single bit of work is now shown.

    Next. Automated rewardes is crucial, you can’t reward every single next bunch of posts manually. It’s just imposible. It should be some triggers for new steps in carrier like getting 100 comments or posting 45 popular articles on some topic and now can be called an expert.

    More auto triggers – it’s my 2d request.

    After these improvements the plugin will be priceless. I learned a lot of this kind: there are with auto triggers by the way, but no one provides integration, and what’s the heck is that? It’s like local currency without ability to exchange and buy.

    Will wait for the plugin’s growth!

    My suggestion is the ability to give an award BEFORE the Signup or login actually.
    You see, without logging in, no one even knows the site is being powered with awards so they don’t get the incentive.

    It would be really cool to have a cookie based PopUp on a delay that tells them they have just received an award which can be given to all users as a base but at least that gives casual site viewers the idea and promotes registering.

    Without them taking that step, the rest of the system is kinda useless, don’t you think?

    Martin, one thought I had regarding this would be something that isn’t necessarily dependent on BadgeOS doing it, but just adding some sort of display to the site for non-logged in users talking about your awards system and that it’s available. Wouldn’t be that hard to do.

    Yeah true except there’s already a bug that I can’t display available badges using shortcodes 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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