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  1. anndonnelly
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I set up the domain mapping last night and in the morning hoped to see it all working perfectly.

    When I navigated to the domain http://www.grovehouse.net it hadn't mapped it but did forward it to the subdirectory that I had set up cottagesforcouples.ie/grovehousenet. I think this is because I hadn't set it as the primary domain.

    When I set it as the primary domain I get a page not found. It's redirecting to http//grovehouse.net (without a colon) is that because I entered something incorrectly?

    - The domain grovehouse.net is with a different registrar pointing to my hosting nameservers (linux shared hosting account).
    - The domain is added to the hosting control panel with the hosting pointing to the root directory.
    - I've set up domain mapping for http://www.grovehouse.net to point to this Site and added the IP that shows on the hosting control panel for both domains.

  2. anndonnelly
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Some were seeing it just redirecting to http://www.cottagesforcouples.ie.

    I've taken primary domain off grovehouse.net for now so visitors could reach the correct site, even though it's not at the domain we'd like them to see.

  3. anndonnelly
    Posted 4 years ago #

    oh, and now I am trying to add a different domain to alias to site 1 and it's not adding them to the table? Any ideas on that?

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