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  • Hi There,

    We’ve been trying to reach out to your support regarding some bugs.
    We purchased the premium version but have yet to receive timely support with the below issues.

    1. When the button automatically adds the item and the cart panel opens up, the floating icon jerks left and right before doing so.
    2. The inner container where the products need to have a scroll bar when the item overflows else the user wouldn’t intuitively see that. Please advise on how the overflow should force the scrollbar to be visible by default.
    3. Need to hide floating icon on Age Verification page, which isn’t a page or post within the actual page.

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  • Hi @soulpatty

    I’ve replied to all of your queries, seems like there is something wrong with your email client.
    Considering the spam case, I’ve left a message from my personal ID as well.

    I will answer your questions here.

    1) Disable Fly to cart animation from the settings

    2) Something else on your site is controlling the scroll behavior. The default behavior of browsers is if you point your mouse inside a container, it will auto activate the scrollbar of that particular container.
    Even after disabling the scroll function with the CSS, it is still scrolling the body element.

    html.xoo-wsc-active, body.xoo-wsc-active {
        overflow: hidden!important;

    Look if you’re using any scroll/scrollbar scripts or any third party plugin is using it.

    3) Please use this CSS

    .age-gate-wrapper {
        z-index: 9999999;
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