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  • Hello!

    Just wanted to ask anew if anyone has been able to integrate WordPress into Mambo or been able to get them to work together with
    1. one authentication for users so they only have to login once to use both
    2. one theme which can be changed for both at the same time from one location???

    Is there some script or lines of code I could use to try to do this. If so, where can I find it (them)???


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  • I know Mambo is a CMS, but it’s also used as a blogging tool so wouldn’t you jus tbe integrating a blogging system into a blogging system?

    I’m starting to use Mambo to publish an online magazine. I’ve been blogging with WordPress and don’t want to stop using it for my blog. My biggest concern is theme matching. I’d like Mambo to use (or at least assume the appearance of) the theme I’m using in WordPress since I’ve taken the trouble to convert my whole site (not just blog pages) to use WordPress’s theme system. (My preference would be to have Mambo use the WordPress themes, but looking at the code for the Mambo themes, I don’t think that would be simple to implement.)

    Just a follow-up. I’ve now got Mambo using the WP template system. The only conflict is the is_email function. It’s defined by Mambo and WP. So I changed the content.php file in Mambo so that it’s is_email is now mos_is_email. Not sure what ramifications this will have on the functioning of Mambo yet.

    Creating the index.php for Mambo that ties into WP is pretty simple, just start with


    <?php get_header(); ?>

    and put all the Mambo content in the body. If anyone’s interested, I could post a working template somewhere.

    I would like to see this Mambo/WordPress arrangement, very interesting I have tried to import WordPress into Mambo myself, no luck so far.

    Hello All!

    Hi TheAngler! I think many would be happy if you provided a “working template” they could view. 🙂




    oopz! didn’t realize i couldn’t do bbcode here. thought this was a modded bb/ forum bit?

    YEAH! no kidding! here i am, apparently joining the Mambo / WP masses– a yet still nothing– at least nothing here on the topic.

    let us consider this: our Complete Angler author’s last post in this thread was on 2005-08-13, so my guess is that he has either

    1. abandoned the Mambo idea once and for all
    2. figured out what he needed and abandoned this thread (doubtful, considering his curteous follow-ups)
    3. does have the template, and a site working somewhere, and we just can’t find it!

    look here for his WP site
    if y’all find anything there, please post back so i can take a looksee. aw, heck– if you find anything Mambo/WP, please throw ‘er my way.

    thanks! and thanks to WP for such a great app!

    I like his coverted WordPress theme. I am using Mambo to build a web site for my school. I can sure tell you that Mambo’s templates are really different from WordPress themes. You have the modules and all sorts of stuff that has to have a place in the template. On the other hand, WordPress themes have several files to keep track of. BTW, if you know of any good Mambo templates, or can give me a link to the converted theme, please tell me.
    Note: I am a newbie, and I don’t know everything (or even a decent amount) about wordPress.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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