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    I use GIMP all of the time to create images for sites and I have never had any problems inserting them into a WP site. Ask your hosts to check that the most recent version of GD Library is running on your server. Also, always upload images at the size that they will be used on the site.

    Thx. Correction: The problem is not the photo itself, it is when I put text in the image, the text appears much clearer on the file on my pc than on the website. see for example.

    The slider at the top has som letters on the right side and they look unclear. Anyone know if it’s possible to fix this?

    That image is being resized – 695px × 243px (scaled to 968px × 338px) – which generally causes that kind of problem. Try creating the image in the size you need for the slider.

    Thanks. I did what you said WPyogi. Same problem.

    1. I use meta slider with settings 1000px x 350px
    2. I create a new image in Gimp, with the same size
    3. I upload it to metaslider and install.

    So simple, I don’t know what I am doing wrong?

    WordPress automatically compresses images as they’re uploaded. There are a few solutions, see:

    hello.rob: If the source image and the slideshow size are the same, then meta slider will use the original image (without resizing). That won’t stop WordPress from compressing the image during the initial upload though (see the link above for solutions on that)


    Right. Will see what I can find out.
    Thanks a lot !

    Rob: just checked your actual link.

    The source images are 2000 x 900px, so you need to set your slideshow size to that to stop meta slider from resizing the images. Don’t worry about the slideshow coming out at 2000px wide – it’s responsive so it’ll scale down to fit your site.

    The other thing I can see is you’re using a CDN of some sort, it looks like this CDN has some built in image compression. Try disabling that so Meta Slider uses unmodified images directly from your server.


    I have no idea what CDN is, but thanks. The problem however is the same if I upload an image without using the meta slider, so that eliminates the slider in this case.

    If I add an image to the site the text I put in with gimp still seems unclear.

    CDN stands for content delivery network. I suspect you have JetPack installed(?) – try disabling the photon bit of it.


    Sweet. That’s right I have jetpack installed. Let me try that.

    Thank you soooooooooo much! 😀 I disabled photon and problem solved !

    Cool, no problem 🙂

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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