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  1. ognistik
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I have edited the Modularity Lite theme already quite a bit. Something, however, that I can't figure out is where or which code should I change so that I can only get to see a "preview" of my posts and not the full thing. What I mean is, when I go to the front page, for example, I would like to see the complete newest post, but the older ones just a few lines... and then a "read more" link or something like that. The same, for example, if they click on any month of my archive. I don't want them to see ALL the posts from April or May, I want them to see just a few lines, or even just the title, and clicking it to go to the specific page of the post and display it all.

    It would be more convenient, since I put a lot of photos on every post, and every time it seems to extend down to forever.

    Link to my blog: http://robertoberg.com/blog/

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