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  • Hi,

    I have had my blog up for a few months now but do not seem to be able to get indexed by Google. I’ve listed in site in some directories.

    Any comments on what else I should do?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Have you told them a little about your site?

    yeah, i have – a couple of months ago actually…

    All you can basicly do is wait, are you really sure that you havent seen your site on google? Do a couple of searches,
    1) <- will look for any page that is listed with google
    2) <- will see who is linking you.

    I’d try ’em again.

    It’s been a few years now, but I can recall having to hit them several times over about three months when I went live with my first blog, because my listings would go in and out of their index. And it hurts nothing to keep *bugging* them, since it’s automated.

    Would you happen to have a robots.txt file that may be telling the spiders to ignore the directory your blog exists in? Also, my research has shown time and again that yes, they are slow, but they also place a lot of weight on link TO your site.

    Looks like from your backlinks that your banned from google. Search some SEO forums to find out if there was a reason why.

    Of course, I may be wrong.

    i’ve tried both the site: and link: search… empty…

    cianuro, what do you mean by my backlinks got me banned by google?

    Moderator James Huff


    Good has difficulty indexing pages that use the index.php?p=87 style links. Google prefers the /archives/2005/10/01/specific-postname/ style (permalinks). I don’t think that could get you banned though. I see no reasons for you being banned. I’d suggest setting up permalinks. For more information on that, read this:

    Maybe all her links have “rel=nofollow”? 😉

    Macmanx is right…Google is really hot and bothered over a nice set of WordPress permalinks.

    Use meta tags dude :). I use them and my site gets indexed everyday by googlebot:
    (This one is old cause Its when I had that title couple of days ago)

    Its definitely not the permalinks. Google still indexes the main page.
    It looks from your PR (Gray PR bar) that your site has been banned.

    I mean, if you look in other search engines, you have a good few google listed backlinks. For example, youve got a nice listing in yahoo.

    I would have someone over at seo-forums or better still SEO-GUY take a look and give you a more detailed answer. Alternatively, you could contact google. Dont hold your breath though. One of my sites got banned and I am still waiting on a response a month later.

    Hope this is useful to you. Sorry I cannot be more specific.

    I was pleased that my blog got indexed by the Googlebot. Woohoo!!
    Not quite sure how I did it, but it’s done.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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