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  • I have tried both using a ‘link’ to a url and cut and paste of html code in a page and it does not display anything other than the page title, or sometimes a little bit of the code as text. I am trying to use existing web content in the static pages to no avail.

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  • Tinymce shows but isn’t accepting input.On top of that Word Press strips a lot of the html code by default without extra plug-ins.So does FCK editor.Also WP will not activate 99.8% of javascript for security reasons except certain bypass tools such as Google Adsense. had the same problem so I post basic html into the dashboard small post window and Save As Draft before viewing and then publishing.I cannot edit that way either but can delete a post and start over.
    Adding pages has the same issue but I used post and pretty-links plug-in to temporarily get around it with permalink trickery.

    If you get a solution let me know also by posting here as ‘Resolved’
    Someone else suggested disabling Gears in you web browser while pasting and updating or publishing.

    Temporary solution that works for sure,although there seem to be a lot of similar entries in this forum .
    I went to dashboard Users-Profile -Disable Visual Editor
    Html entries now work,can save as ,publish and edit

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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