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  1. tedfox
    Posted 12 years ago #

    Somebody mentioned this before... but never said how... and I don't know PHP at all.
    Let's say I have 2 wp blogs, sharing the same database, but with different prefixes. How to I call entries from one blog from the index.php of another blog?

  2. NuclearMoose
    Posted 12 years ago #

    Install WP into two separate folders, ensuring that your WP-CONFIG.PHP files are pointing to the same database. In the Blog A folder, make sure you have the right database prefix in WP-CONFIG.PHP and in the Blog B folder, do the same for the prefix for that blog.
    Bottom line, you need TWO installs of WP in separate folders for TWO blogs.
    Rinse, repeat as necessary.

  3. tedfox
    Posted 12 years ago #

    I must have been unclear.
    I know full well how to install TWO SEPERATE BLOGS.
    but I let's say a blog abour mutations in blog A. And I have a category called NUCLEAR MUTATIONS.
    Say in blog B. I blog about nuclear activities. And I want to have entries of NUCLEAR MUTATIONS appear in blog B too. So is there anyway I can use PHP to call for entires from blog A?
    or is the only way to do so using rss feeds?

  4. davidhouse
    Posted 12 years ago #

    I suppose you could create a new instance of the wpdb class, passing it the parameters of your other blog, then duplicating all the calls to $wpdb->get_results(), but I don't know WP or mySQL too well and there's probably an easier way.

  5. Anonymous
    Posted 12 years ago #

    Anyone knows how to setup multiple bloggers?
    I mean providing blog service to mutiple users by using wordpress,
    not allowing several users to post in one wp.

  6. paperlion
    Posted 12 years ago #

    Is anyone familiar with the implications of the last post here (Apr 27)? If I install multiple bloggers using the same database, do either or all of these blogs have limitations making them different from standalone installs? For instance, would each blog not have its own set of users [editors]? Members? Its own categories (even with the same names if needed)?

  7. Mark (podz)
    Support Maven
    Posted 12 years ago #

    1 database
    10 users
    10 installs of wordpress
    You would have 10 sets of tables (each with their own table prefix)
    Tables do not interact with any other tables outside of those with the matching prefix.
    You could have a category in each one called 'Links', so it appears the are identical, but they are not. They are further defined by the table within which they live.
    Everything should live happily side by side.

  8. paperlion
    Posted 12 years ago #

    Thanks. His comment about wanting to make sure users couldn't post in all blogs was throwing me.

  9. wpmubp
    Posted 10 years ago #

    This questions sounds similar to my problem. I have two blogs sharing the same database with different prefixes, "wp_ and wp2_" and I've been trying to figure out how to export data from wp_ to wp2_.

    What I actually wish I could is not to fresh install another on differnet directly of the same server, re-write config files, but changing config files only get me blank pages.

    I'm not familier with php nor mysql, so if anyone knows the solution, please let me know.

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