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  • Just upgraded to WP3.1 today, and started getting duplicate emails for each comment sent to me for moderation.

    In the moderation panel, there is really only one email waiting to be approved, but two emails are being sent at the same time to me for each comment waiting.

    Any ideas what is going on?



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    You must have “email me whenever anyone posts a comment” and “Email me when a comment is held for approval” AND “hold all comments for approval” ticked. Just untick the first one and you should only get one email.

    i know its ; but its relevant

    Hi 123…

    Thanks for writing back.

    In 3.1’s control panel, I had “E-mail me whenever a comment is held for moderation”


    “Before a comment appears”: “An administrator must always approve the comment”. [This is in a separate area not related to email notifications.]

    So, I did not have any duplicate email item checked.

    If I uncheck “email me whenever a comment is held for moderation”, then I get ZERO emails!

    So something appears to be wrong. Any other ideas?

    I also noticed when I posted a comment under a fake name, and when not logged it as the real me, it posted the comment instantly, yet in the control panel it was shown as a comment waiting for approval. (Maybe I should post this as a separate issue).

    Other ideas?


    I see no 3.1 specific mention of comments and emails here

    Thats all I can help for now

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    🏳️‍🌈 Halfelf Rogue & Plugin Review Team Rep

    Okay, I can repro this kinda… “email me whenever a comment is held for moderation” mails me twice SOMETIMES and only on ONE install.

    Actually only for one user. And it may be my email server being stupid.

    What plugins are you running?

    My plugins (which existed before with WP3.0 without any double email problem) are:

    config login timeout
    facebook sharer
    fb like button
    smart update pinger
    wordpress database backup
    wp ban
    wp super cache



    I’m having exactly the same issue. Duplicate “please Moderate..” emails with exactly the same time stamp pn. Plus at the same time I now no longer receive an email telling me of a new comment after I’ve moderated it and allowed it.

    I have just noticed that both the emails go to different email addresses of mine. I recently changed the email address in General Settings whereas before I had the same email address that I use on my profile.

    I’ve always had all the boxes ticked mentioned by 123milliseconds but this issue has only just occurred. So I’m wondering if the system didn’t send 2 emails to the same address, but now I’ve changed the admin email address it is notifying me as the admin and me as the author.

    I’ve just returned my admin email as defined in General Settings to be the same as my author address as it was before and will report back if this affects the issue.

    It appears to have stopped the duplicate emails. So if your duplicate emails are to different addresses it could be the same issue I had. I’ve now re-ticked the notify me when anyone posts a comment but still only get one email to moderate a comment (which is great) but no notification of new comments after.

    My profile email and my general settings email are identical (except the first letter of my name is capitalized in one and not in the other), and I get two moderation emails (so it is not a matter of having two different ones).

    I don’t quite understand what follow-up notifications you are no longer receiving.


    dworsky. It definitely accounted for my duplicate emails. I have all three boxes ticked – and always have

    E-mail me whenever Anyone posts a comment
    A comment is held for moderation
    Before a comment appears An administrator must always approve the comment

    However I only received duplicate emails after changing the general settings email to a different one to the one I have as the author. (I am the only author of articles on my blog btw)and as soon as I changed it back the very next comment wanting moderating only got sent to me once.

    If I had other authors on my blog presumably I might still get duplicate emails if one of their articles acquires a new comment?

    On my set up it seems that if all the boxes are ticked WordPress doesn’t send an email to the author and the admin if they are set to same email address but if they are different email addresses it emails them both.

    Regarding the notifications I’m under the impression that as an administrator I should receive an email notification about all approved new comments? It’s all a bit strange as before as soon as I’d moderated a comment and allowed it I would get another email advising me a new comment has been posted but they have stopped dead.

    Well, guess what… when I changed the lower case “e” of my first name to a capital letter, so my profile email addresses matched the general settings email address IDENTICALLY, the double emails stopped! (How crazy that identical email addresses would be considered different because of an initial capital!!)

    Washerhelp… as to your issue issue of getting an another email when you approved a comment, I have never gotten that (thank goodness)! I don’t need to be told I just approved a comment!


    lol: I commonly want to reply to comments but don’t always have time to do so at the time of moderation so I use the email notification emails to go through to reply to the comment sometimes days later.

    as you all stated, the case of my email address were different. my user email address had caps, my settings email address did not. they were the same addresses, but the case of both were different. i just changed them to match in case, so hopefully that will solve my problem as well 🙂 thanks!

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