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  • I am runnig WP 3.0.4 multi-site with subfolders. I am running BP 1.2.7 on a secondary blog, If you go to base URL, visitors are redirected that secondary blog.

    I can access the site, log in and do stuff. The database seems fine. As long as the URL contains an existing /BLOGNAME, e.g., the site behaves. 404 Errors will appear for

    If the /BLOGNAME doesn’t match one of the subfolders, e.g., it displays the page “Error establishing database connection.” instead of a 404 Page Not Found Error.

    Any ideas why? Thanks.

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  • I have more information provided by my sysadmin:

    “After closer inspection it was discovered that the ‘Error establishing …’ message is generated by the WordPress application and not the Apache server. This behavior indicates that a routine within WordPress is inspecting all URL request before they are send to the Apache web engine.”

    Can anyone point me to where the URL inspections happen in the code? Or could this be fixed with an alteration to the .htaccess or wp-config.php files?

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