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  • The only difference I can see is when adding in admin I have to select country but logged in as user country is already selected?

    Have tried login as admin but use same form front end as user and it works fine, just when a user does same i.e not admin login it does what the pictures above shows


    When you are entering the venue name, does a list of possible venues appear as you type?

    If not, you may have a javascript issue.

    Can you provide a link to the event submission form please?


    hi, yes a list does come up.
    Works fine if I login as admin and submit details, but login as user it does not. Tried another theme but same issue.
    also noticed those user submitted ones don’t get shown on map but admin submission does

    does admin use anything different to a user on the form submission as it is something I feel to do with this.
    From user front end I log in with admin details, form looks identical and fill out the same, this works fine.
    I then login with a user password/user name do the same but I then get the issue.
    Are same files etc used?

    Also I can log in as admin back end and edit the address. i.e remove re enter then it shows as it should.
    Looks like county is included but not from user submission

    Does the problem remain if you disable all other plugins?

    Yes, if I disable all plugins I still have the same issue.
    It adds details to my location page and if I click Upcoming Events link the gig is shown but on that page the details are not shown, county, map, location EG.
    ians house

    And map missing

    OK found the problem, but not sure what to do from here.
    Both the event and location go pending and I was only publishing event keeping location pending. as administrator neither went pending hence no problem
    Now why is location going pending?

    If it’s going to Pending it sounds like you need to change the user capabilities to allow publishing for the Subscriber role. You can do that via Events > Settings > General > User Capabilities.

    I don’t have publish_locations or publish_events ticked, but I don’t on the other install and when I publish event on that one both go live, whereas on this one locations stay pending.
    User settings same both applications

    Umm shows but goes pending, so I guess I need approve both, never noticed before, never approved locations before but had no issue

    I would try it with those two options checked. I think not being able to publish locations is part (or all) of this problem.

    I think it is, but I would rather moderate events and locations so I guess need to check both, but may be hard with several posts trying to work out which one goes with what. Why no notification on pending locations like with events?

    will tick locations to approve as no html or links can be added there

    > Why no notification on pending locations like with events?

    Because a new location won’t be visible until at the first event that uses it has been published.

    ok makes sense.
    So if an event passes, does location stay or go?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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