Getting Cat archives to display only prev/next links of that specific category (1 post)

  1. maviefol
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I'm ripping my hair out. I've been on WP Codex for 6 hrs today alone and many weeks before.

    my site: http://www.maviefolle.com

    My problem: Daily Dog Photo (in header area)

    Note; in my singlepost.php I have added the code:

    <div class="navigation">
    <div class="alignleft">
    <?php previous_post('&laquo; &laquo; %',
     'last post: ', 'yes'); ?>
    <div class="alignright">
    <?php next_post('&raquo; &raquo; %', 'Next post:  ', 'yes'); ?>
    </div> <!-- end navigation -->

    This gives me the prev/next posts I need BUT I need to get a particular category (Daily Dog) to list ONLY the posts in THAT category, not posts that are in other cats.

    Am I missing something? Maybe somewhere in the loop?

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