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  • Hi there,

    My site is currently set up so guest authors can register ans submit articles for consideration.

    However, I’m currently recieving around 50 registrations a week which are all submitting several spam filled articles – I can only assume this is automated in some way?

    Any advice to stop this? Thanks!


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  • Remove these users now and the articles, but first change new user role to subscriber. Allowing unknown users to post is as security risk extraordinaire.

    I’ve set up a custom role – the new users are registered as ‘GuestAuthors’. Posts are only submitted as pending, is this still a security risk?


    Not following your reply…this custom role has been in existence prior, or just now being used?

    I have always used the guest author role – no one has ever been able to publish posts except the admin.

    The issue is I receive to many spam submissions.

    I see, so you are able to moderate them? When allowing unknown users to post, it is then the site owners responsibility to check each link included (to protect your site visitors). I would not allow these authors to include any links. That said, there are many ways to inject code through posts so this is far from a foolproof method. As the intent of most rogue posters is control of your site through malicious code, I would be wary. I would also check your site for malware.

    The only links authors are allowed is in the author bio box. Moderating genuine articles isn’t a problem, but I’m receiving hundreds of articles which are not related to the content of my site, which are obviously automated.

    Is there any way of stopping this?


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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