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  • I keep getting a blank white page, after I make any kind of changes in WordPress, it doesn’t seem to matter whether I’m editing a post,page or a theme, after I click save it goes to the blank screen instead of back to WP like it did before. Does anyone know what would be causing this?

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  • I have exactly the same syptom. Also would like to fix it!

    Mark (podz)


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    Have you edited any of the core wp files (that is anything not in the themes directory) at all ?
    If you have upgraded, did you first delete all the old stuff before uploading new ?
    Does this happen with every single change without fail or do some things work okay ?

    If this were mine, I would delete all the wp- files and reupload from a fresh download.
    (I’d make a backup first of course!)

    Okey, I think I will do this, because it is behaving kind of weird. I haven’t made an upgrade but I installed a few plugins and some new theme files.

    So I thought I was having a similar problem…Creating new pages with the ez static plugin…Then typing in the URI for the page and getting a blank page with nothing.

    That’s when I remembered that something had to happen to create easy to read URI’s to find the page. When I used the long form URI “” for example…

    There are the pages that were supposedly blank!
    So the question is, how do I find the new pages using the simple structure again? I did it once before, but my memory fails me.

    Okay! The correct answer for me was that when you create new pages, you have to remember to chmod your .htaccess file to 666!
    So that you can write new pages to the permalink structure.

    The new pages view just fine with or without permalinks!

    I tried uploading the original files again with no success. I also chmoded the htaccess file again and no luck there either. Maybe it has something to do with permalinks as stated above but my permalinks work just fine when browsing the pages. It’s just behaving strange with blank pages in the admin section. When I edit a post and then click save it turns up with a blank page and in the adress bar it looks like this: “”.

    I upgraded over a month ago and it was working fine until yesterday. I deactivated any new plugins I had installed, but that didn’t seem to help. When I edit a post and save, I get the blank page, but now I’ve been getting the WordPress logo after making any admin changes.

    I didn’t edit any wp core pages, only themes. I even did a new install for a whole new blog and still have the same problem. I did copy some of the plugins over to the new one as well, though so if the plugins are the problem I may have carried it over. But as I said I deactivated all new plugins, but it didn’t seem to help.

    I am quite frustrated with the same problem and although I’ve done some digging and looking around for a solution, I haven’t really found one. I am using WP 1.5 and Firefox 1.0.2. When I first installed WP, everything worked fine. Now, no matter what I do, I get a blank page. This is true also of IE 6.x. At first, I could get into MT Admin with no problem. Then, when I got a blank page, I tried just using the Press It bookmarklet, which allowed me to get in in a “back door” kind of way. Today, however, the Press It bookmarklet window is also blank. I can’t post or edit anything. If someone has a solution, please post it here.

    I am having the same problem with blank pages. I’ve been looking around for a solution and read something about deleting cookies and your cache. I did that and I can now bring up the page in Firefox but still having problems in IE. I haven’t upgraded or added any plugins and the only theme I added was working fine until a few days ago. I haven’t been getting any visitors unless they come from a direct link in a comment or sidebar from someone else’s blog–no bookmarked links. When I can log in to the Admin page, that also goes blank when I press publish. Very new to this. I don’t understand what to do 🙁 Any help very much appreciated.

    Moderator James Huff


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    Are you running under Apache 2?

    Apache 1.3.33 (Unix) Is this the problem? 🙁

    Moderator James Huff


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    No, but if you were running under Apache 2, that would be the problem (and there would be a work-around). Hang tight, there are other members here who are more experienced in this specific issue than I am. They should be by shortly.

    Now I’ve changed my theme. Still having problems with the admin interface. Some pages show up, some do not. I also tried validating the page and it said it was not valid because it had an error on line 1. What does this mean? Can I fix this if I go into the index php file on my server? I am not very knowledgeable about this.

    I basically had to reinstall WordPress in order to get the blank problem to disappear (no pun intended). This is a big pain. I suspect that this problem may have been caused by one or more of the plugins I used, but I don’t know which one(s). I haven’t reinstalled any of them and everything is working just fine now.

    I finally found a solution to mine, I upgraded my CG-feedreader plugin and all files associated with it to the latest version and the problem went a way! I don’t know if this will solve everyones problem, but it’s most likely related to a plugin of some kind.

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