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    Hello to all. I’m trying to install wp on my site but when I go to the php install thing I get a blank html area. I use something called Virtualmin to manage myspl and users, not panel as that’s what’s on my provider’s thing for managing sites. I’ve tried clearing cache on my own browser and i tried 2 more browsers but I get the same empty html area. I’m a bit frustrated as I’ve been trying to trouble shoot this for almost a week now and am getting no ware. Help? Thanks.

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  • There is no output of HTML on your site when I access it, probably due to a fatal PHP error, thus the blank white screen of death. To get that blank white screen, PHP must be set with “display_errors” off, which is as it should be on a production server, but it means you have to check the error logs, which hopefully are turned on, to find out what the PHP error is so you can fix it.

    I am not familiar with Virtualmin, but what you should do next is find out how to view the PHP error logs with it either by Googling “virtualmin php error log” or contacting your web host. You’re going to need access to the error logs to use any PHP-based software on your system during development. If your host doesn’t give you access to the error logs, you should change hosts. : )

    I actually did have a php error that I posted of here. this is on the same site I’m trouble shooting. the odd thing is this. there ae no log errors I can see when I go to the install.php script.

    .html files seem to be accessible: – php files return a 500 error. It’s not just your WordPress install on the sub-domain that’s a problem, though. The main domain is also returning a 500 error. You have a server or site configuration issue of some sort. Could be related to file permissions in certain server environments,or it may also be related to .htaccess errors. Perhaps your hosts support group can quickly point you in the right direction.

    Some general information on some of the possible causes: php files 500 error

    Thanks. For some reason my account on webmen got corrupted. The host recreted it and all is well,

    Ok. this issue was resolved. The provider had to recreate my account as everything in there was corrupted and it was one mess after another including the inability to access all of my MYSQL data bases, plus there was a nasty bug in the webmin area that had to be resolved regarding MYSQL.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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