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  1. michelin91
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    I'd like to be able to upload all images within a post, publish it, and then use a function to allow for me to insert that as a slideshow in any page using this function:

    <?php get_gallery( 180 ) ?>

    So this calls post#180 in this function in functions.php:

    function get_gallery( $id ) {
            $args = array(
                'post_type'   => 'attachment',
                'numberposts' => -1,
                'post_parent' => $id
            $slideshow = '<div class="slideshow-images">';
            $attachments = get_posts( $args );
            if ( $attachments )
                foreach ( $attachments as $attachment )
                    $image = wp_get_attachment_image_src( $attachment->ID );
                    // Build the Html elements
                    $slideshow .= '
                            <img src="'. $image[0] . '" alt="' . $post->post_title .'" />
            // Finish the Html
            $slideshow .= '</div>';
            // Print the Html
            echo $slideshow;

    And this should print out each image url wrapped in <div> tags in the HTML. Except it's not, which may be because something is wrong with my use of "$attachment->ID" and "$id". What would be the best way to write this? It is based off of this code, which calls all the featured images from different posts within a category: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14014544/get-image-of-a-post-in-wordpress?rq=1

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