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  • I’m completely new to blogging, and I’m having a lot of trouble with all the jargon being thrown around. Each plugin I want seems to take a long time to find and then installation has required steps not included in the instructions provided.

    I loaded up Plugins for
    1) Calendar
    2) Paypal
    3) Sitemeter

    The first two do not appear on the sidebar of the blog. The Sitemeter is listed in the Blog roll with a red X instead of a graphic.

    The About page of the blog does not respond to editing when I attempt to enter information there and is now “page cannot be found.”

    The comments filed is now “page cannot be found” when you click on it.

    I managed to load up a theme which I like, but I would like to insert 2 photos at the top on the right and the left. Is that possible?

    How do you insert a permalink for each posting?

    Does anyone know a Plugin creator who might be developing a Plugin to allow insertion of a Paypal link next to the permalink for each posting?

    If there’s a good resource online for WordPress beginners, please let me know. If you have specific recommendations on any of these problems, please let me know as well.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

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