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  • Hi,

    Sorry, I am new to WordPress. I placed a test CSV file into the media section of WordPress, made sure the plugin was active, and then copied the code given in the installation instructions (csv src=http…..).

    I took the http file url that WordPress generated for me on the CSV media page, on the right hand side. I pasted it over the example address. The url I used looks roughly like this:

    “[csv src=]”

    But the page isn’t working. What comes up is this: Link .

    Any ideas? The csv file does have content in it.


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  • Hello

    That’s the error you get when you don’t link to the right place.

    If you copy and paste the direct link into your browser, can you download the csv?

    If so, make sure that file is what you’re linking to inside the shortcode.

    Hi Mike,

    Yes, when I paste the url from the shortcode into the browser I can download the file. I also tried linking to a csv file on a public Google drive to test if the location was the issue, but that gave me the same error.


    Can you copy the shortcode and paste it here so I can take a look?


    [csv src=]

    Try this:

    [csv src=/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/test.csv]

    Interesting. Same error though šŸ™

    Can’t figure it out, sorry. If you feel like sending me your login credentials I’d be happy to look in the wordpress backend, but not much else I can do from here. Good luck!

    Plugin Author Shaun Scovil


    You might have another plugin or theme installed that also registers a [csv] shortcode. For that reason, I also made this plugin register a [csv2table] shortcode that works the same.

    Try using:

    [csv2table src=]

    Plugin Author Shaun Scovil


    I am able to download that CSV file from your URL and put in on my server, and display it using the plugin. This tells me it is either a conflicting shortcode (as I suggested above) or a file access / permissions issue on your server.

    Hi Mike,

    Shaun – thanks for replying. I tried csv2table, but unfortunately it didn’t work. So I guess the issue is probably a a file access/permissions issue as you suggested.

    really not a good idea to post that info on a forum like this. please delete that post immediately and change your password, your site is now pretty vulnerable .

    sorry you’re right. even with low traffic that is dumb. can I send the info to your email address instead?

    The plugin author is definitely the best guy to guide you down this path, and what he says is spot on.

    Try turning off all of your other plugins temporarily and see if that has an effect.

    I have deactivated all other plugins, but the problem has remained. All file permissions seem to be okay as well. I am using the free version of WordPress which I should have mentioned earlier. Would that affect things?

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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