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  • I was facing this error on loading the post on scroll when searching page.

    I made debug the problem and found out the cause.. due to not setting “maxPage” option of this plugin.

    By default “maxPage” option setting is “Undefined” which means It doesn’t have any page limitation for post loading. so It will try for loading the page continue on scroll when the page is not found then It will throw the 404 error.

    How to set “maxPage” option :

    We need to make change in “infinite-scroll.php” file of this plugin
    Changes are as follow :

    	 * Init default options
    	function init_defaults() {
    		//option keys map to javascript options and are passed directly via wp_localize_script
    		<strong> $count_posts = wp_count_posts();
    		 $dt = $count_posts->publish;
    		 $pts = get_option('posts_per_page');</strong>
    		$this->options->defaults = array(
    			'loading' => array(
    				'msgText'         => '<em>' . __( 'Loading...', 'infinite-scroll' ) . '</em>',
    				'finishedMsg'     => '<em>' . __( 'No additional posts.', 'infinite-scroll' ) . '</em>',
    				'img'             => plugins_url( 'img/ajax-loader.gif', __FILE__ )
    			'nextSelector'    => '#nav-below a:first',
    			'navSelector'     => '#nav-below',
    			'itemSelector'    => '.post',
    			'contentSelector' => '#content',
    			'debug'           => WP_DEBUG,
    			'behavior'		    => '',
    			<strong>'maxPage' => ceil($dt/$pts)</strong>

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