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  • Hi I moved my website for new host, my domain kept another provider, im getting 403 error, I checked in the Cpanel,also my IP address the new host gave to me, I checked is from France, I’m very confusion, so messy,
    Could you please help me how to fix please? see bellow the errors.

    2019-12-22 09:37:25.966749 [INFO] [30661] [] File not found [/home/relaxing/public_html/403.shtml]
    2019-12-22 08:13:25.417835 [INFO] [30661] [] File not found [/home/relaxing/public_html/403.shtml]
    2019-12-22 06:45:20.311958 [INFO] [30661] [] File not found [/home/relaxing/public_html/403.shtml]
    2019-12-22 00:49:14.176283 [INFO] [30661] [] File not found [/home/relaxing/public_html/403.shtml]
    2019-12-21 23:21:39.252091 [INFO] [30661] [] File not found [/home/relaxing/public_html/403.shtml]
    2019-12-21 23:05:57.753256 [INFO] [3644] [] File not found [/home/relaxing/public_html/403.shtml]
    2019-12-21 14:03:27.839934 [INFO] [3644] [] File not found [/home/relaxing/public_html/403.shtml]
    2019-12-21 14:02:54.590839 [INFO] [3644] [] File not found [/home/relaxing/public_html/403.shtml]
    2019-12-21 13:45:58.512488 [INFO] [3644] [] File not found [/home/relaxing/public_html/403.shtml]
    2019-12-21 13:38:17.620240 [INFO] [3644] [] File not found [/home/relaxing/public_html/403.shtml]
    2019-12-21 12:29:55.004101 [INFO] [3644] [] File not found [/home/relaxing/public_html/403.shtml]
    2019-12-21 03:26:22.621070 [INFO] [3644] [] File not found [/home/relaxing/public_html/403.shtml]

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • I can see you have a live website with WordPress 5.3.2 running at the URL you gave.

    Have you figured this out already?

    yes the website is confifurated, but IP address coming from france,

    Could you please check my IP address?

    I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what exactly you want me to check about your IP address for you.

    If your new server’s IP address is “coming from France”, it probably means the physical server hosting your website is located in France.

    Your actual host (the company you’re paying to host your website) could be located in France or anywhere else on the planet… they may simply be renting servers in France.

    If your website is working properly and you’re OK with the performance, you shouldn’t worry where the physical server is located, unless you have some specific compliance requirements or concerns over security.

    And if this is a concern for you, kindly contact your host to see if they can move your website to a different server located in your preferred country (UK?).

    Good luck!

    PS: If I misunderstood your concern, kindly clarify your question for me. You could write in any language you’re more comfortable with, and I’ll use Google to translate it.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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