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  • My GR opt in form looks great but is too wide for the left of right side bar. Can we make the sidebar wider or the opt in narrower? It fits in WP CSS code but looks a bit sad 🙁

    To avoid the problem I tried repositioning the opt in box in the 2nd footer in both GetResponse code and WP CSS code while it shows up in the widgets page there is nothing on the actual web page most of the time but occasionally I get one small grey box about 1 line in width.

    I have tried deleting all the opt in forms completely. Didn’t work.

    Tried deleting all the plug ins, that didn’t work either.


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  • oooops should say disabled plug ins and website is

    Have you tried asking the plugin author? You can post here.

    Sorry I was really tired when I wrote that post twice I said ‘plug in’ when I meant ‘widget’. I did contact the widget author GetResponse they of course blamed WordPress! Surprise…



    Did you disable the plugin? I didn’t see it listed under your site’s plugins, if you enable the plugin, I will pull the css for you.



    I am trying to get a response from GetResponse still waiting unfortunately.

    But I’m trying to create a new form that fits in the space, but my button text won’t fit so working on that.

    I hadn’t tried disabling the widget (I said plug in above but meant widget) (GetResponse Integration Widget)) because when I did that I had trouble getting the auto responder to work properly, and GetResponse support insisted I add the widget!

    It did get the auto responder working better but (ie no longer used the wp CSS styles and testing worked correctly)it seems to be a trade off at this point.

    Hello. I have a 2012 theme and have placed an opt in form from campaigner on the side bar. The form is too wide and causes the viewer to use scroll button to scroll over to see what they are typing. My web address is I need help in changing the width of the form so that the name, email address, and join button are visible to the viewer without them having to use any kind of scroll buttons. I have asked campainger for help and I have asked the web host people for help and they cannot help. Desperate!

    If this helps: I have version 3.9.2 of wordpress and of course using the 2012 theme. Thanks

    I’d say you need to carry on asking the campaigner plugin people or (2nd best) asking on the 2012 forum.

    This is the Customizr forum, and your problem is not in any way related to Customizr (nor to this 2-month-old thread).

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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