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  • Hi guys,

    I got a question that’s about the GetResponse WordPress plugin:
    Already contacted GetResponse by LiveChat and mail but they can not offer me an answer that solves my problem..

    After spending hours of investigating what created the little black line at the bottom of the page, I found out that it’s due to the GetResponse plugin.
    I am fine with this iframe as long as it’s not affecting any functionality of my website. But it does… For some reason I now see 2 scroll bars, see my website,
    And on a short page it’s even more clear what the iframe does…

    I understand the purpose of the iframe when reading this topic:
    So it helps me with not getting trouble with JS. That’s good!
    But on the other hand, I might want to choose whether I want this ‘overrule’ option. Right?

    Is there any way to tell the plugin not to show the iframe? Or to show the code inside the iframe on another location?

    I can not deliver this website as my customer is not happy with the two scrollbars. He is super happy with the functions of GetResponse itself! 😀

    I would be very happy to get some help with this issue.

    Best regards,
    Robin Middelburg
    (from Holland)

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