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    Everything was working good until a few minutes ago when I made a change to a profile so after it was updated and the listings under that profile were sent to the feed and the feed submitted to Amazon I received this error message:

    GetFeedSubmissionList request failed with error: The request signature we calculated does not match the signature you provided. Check your AWS Secret Access Key and signing method. Consult the service documentation for details.

    I checked in the account settings and the MWS Auth Token is correct as well as the Seller ID and Marketplace ID. What could be the problem for this error?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Hello @naturalworldstm

    Thanks for contacting support.

    When receiving this error it either means you did not setup your account properly in WP-Lister or you don’t have an Amazon Pro account which is required to use WP-Lister.

    I would suggest deleting the account in WP-Lister’s “Accounts” page and try again following these instructions: How to set up WP-Lister for Amazon

    And also checking to make sure you meet the plugin requirements:


    Professional Seller account with Amazon (see FAQ)

    WooCommerce 2.2 or better

    WordPress 4.2 or better

    PHP 5.4 or better with cURL support

    decent webspace hosted on a linux server

    single language site – multilingual sites are not supported yet and neither are multisite networks!

    no more than approx. 10,000 products – depending on your server

    One other thing, we had a few users over the last week, including myself temporarily receive this error from Amazon and then it cleared after a few minutes, apparently Amazon was having some technical issues, so it could be that as well if you find it to start working properly in a bit.

    Kind regards,

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    Thank You for the quick reply John, I forgot to add that I’ve been using the plugin for a few years now and it has been working with no problems, I do have an active Pro account, all of the plugins, PHP and WordPress are updated so I’ll go with the last part of your reply and if I still keep getting the error, I’ll delete and add again the account.

    Again, thank You for your support!

    Edit: I just wanted to add that I have that Amazon account linked to 2 websites with WP Lister, I just made a test with the other website doing exactly the same steps and the listings are correctly being sent to Amazon after updating the profile. The only difference between the 2 websites is that the website that is working, has everything outdated, WordPress, WooCommerce, a few plugins and themes, both websites are under the same server. I think I’ll have to delete and add again the account in the website that is not working.

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    Well, the error persists but now the listings are being updated so I think everything if ok. Again, thanks for the support!

    Hi Andres.

    If you want us to have a closer look, please reach out to our email support:

    Kind regards,

    same issue here. It was working fine for many months, but suddenly stopped working after having been slow to import new orders for the past few weeks.

    I checked in the account settings and the MWS Auth Token is correct as well as the Seller ID and Marketplace ID and the expiry is many months away. What could be the problem for this error? I sent an e-mail just now to support as well.

    I’m sure I can just delete the account and re-add, but hope that by being a guinea pig here, this issue can be resolved for everyone going forward.

    Hello @cyhouse!

    The issue reported here shouldn’t stop orders from being imported. We’ve been looking for your email but we couldn’t find. Please resend it and I’ll look into your issue today.

    WPLab Support

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