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  • i’m using this query:

    $animeposts = array(
    					'post_type' => $queryvar,
    					'numberposts' => -1 ,
    					'tax_query' => array(                     //(array) - use taxonomy parameters (available with Version 3.1).
    						'relation' => 'AND',                      //(string) - Possible values are 'AND' or 'OR' and is the equivalent of ruuning a JOIN for each taxonomy
    							'taxonomy' => 'post_types',                //(string) - Taxonomy.
    							'field' => 'slug',                    //(string) - Select taxonomy term by ('id' or 'slug')
    							'terms' => $types[0]->slug,    //(int/string/array) - Taxonomy term(s).
    							'operator' => 'IN'                    //(string) - Operator to test. Possible values are 'IN', 'NOT IN', 'AND'.
    					'orderby' => 'title');

    in version 3.4 i have no problem but when i update to version 3.5 it return nothing!!
    i change id with query_posts and post_per_page=>-1 and nothing again!
    please someone shed light on it

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  • when i set numberposts => 300 it return 300 post from my query so other parameters of query is correct.

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