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  • I’m trying to use Bunny’s Techorati tags plugin for WPv2.0. I have the latest version (0.5). I installed and activated it, added the code to the template, added the tags with the custom field on my post, but nothing shows on the site.

    I started poking around in the code trying to debug it and found where the problem is… I get nothing returned from this call:

    $tags = get_post_custom_values($meta_field);

    I’ve verified that the $meta_field is ‘tags’ and that the post I’m trying to access them on actually does have values for the ‘tags’ custom field, and also that the call to the plugin is happening in “the loop”.

    I created a new custom field and put some text in the value and hardcoded the tag name like so:

    $tags = get_post_custom_values(‘testkey’);

    Still no luck.

    I found the post on Trac about the changes made to get_post_custom_values() here:

    I made the changes to my template_functions_post.php file…

    Still no luck.

    Can anyone please help me figure out what’s going on? I’d greatly appreciate it! Thanks.

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