• Hi,

    I’m banging my head right now….
    I’m using this plugin, it works fine, I can see it in the admin, I have my sticky post on CPT; and on the data base, I can see it update the sticky_posts in wp_options. But, when I try to use ‘post__not_in’ => get_option(‘sticky_posts’), it doesn’t filter any thing.
    So I try to var_dump(get_option(‘sticky_posts’)), and all I get is the id of the ‘normal post’, not the full list of id who I can see are in database in the wp_options/sticky_posts.

    Which mean if I try to use is_stiky in my loop, it only work in ‘normal’ post, not in CPT, which is logic, since get_option(‘sticky_posts’) is not working properly…. Any idea how I can fix that ? it’s driving me crazy 😀

    The normal output of get_option(‘sticky_posts’) is the list of all the id in the database/wp_options/sticky_posts, is it not ?

    Thanks for the help !


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    In case it’s useful to someone, I ended up dumping the plugin, and made my own metabox with a simple check box, then save the post id using the Options API, and now I can get the id I’m looking for using get_option(‘my_stiky_cpt’).

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