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  • I have added a theme options panel for my theme. I store the options in an array and serialize it when I store them with update_option().

    When the theme options panel is submitted I call a function to validate and call update_option().
    Then I call get_option(), and unserialize() to retrieve the new options. Unfortunately, get_option() sometimes fails, not returning a string.
    Is there something that I can do to prevent these failures?

    This is a sort of pseudo code version of my code:

    function themeoptions_retrieve() {
      return unserialize(get_option('themeoptions'));  // This can fail!
    function themeoptions_save($theme_options) {
      update_option('themeoptions', $theme_options);
    // This function added by add_theme_page() and add_action().
    function themeoptions_page() {
     if ($_POST['save']) { themeoptions_update(); }
     $theme_options = themeoptions_retrieve();
     // Display theme options page.
    function themeoptions_update() {
      $theme_options = themeoptions_retrieve();
      // Snip - validate $_POST data and update $theme_options array.

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