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  • Resolved Ruud Laan


    Hi Scribu,

    I was trying a different size for the pager in the get_connectable admin box. I used the p2p_connectable_args filter for this.
    Changing the pager worked fine this way, i added:
    $args[‘p2p:per_page’] = 25.
    However when var_dumping my args array I found out the p2p:exclude array is somehow always limited to 5 items (and the current post_id)
    There is no filter available to correct this, so I finally swapped these 2 lines:

    $qv = apply_filters( 'p2p_connectable_args', $extra_qv, $this, $item->get_object() );
    $qv['p2p:exclude'] = $this->get_non_connectable( $item, $qv );

    That worked.. but why is the get_non_connectable limited by the pager size in the first place?

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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