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  • Does anyone else think this is a mistake? It completely wrecks my headline element hierarchy. Maybe I’m just an HTML queen.

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    kapeka: I wasn’t critiquing your idea. I rather agreed with it. I was telling other people who might not be using only one theme or whatever that there were indeed dangers in hacking that file directly. A little insurance, if you will, so that I didn’t get accused of destroying anyone else’s site. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Now I get it. In german we say “A light flashes up” if someone understands something. I think it’s quite bright in this room now, cause some lights are flashing up ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Your Idea is good, RSL. I think this would be a good way to manage that problem. I thought in the same way making it optional how the link categories are styled.

    I was racking my brain as to why all of a sudden so titles were bigger. Slysharks fix was perfect.

    I have to agree that as it stands, the ability to easily customize simple text formatting is “broken” for Links. I can put in the work to get around the limitation (now that I know where the problem is – thanks for that), but this definitely makes WP harder to use for those trying to customize their own pages.

    If a formatting attribute must be hard-coded (for programming ease, I presume) it should use unique attributes that can be changed in style.css, independently of other items on the page (that is, no h2 or li). Maybe a fix – sorry, “feature enhancement” – for 1.5.1…

    I’m getting bullet points on my

      I imagine this is the discussion taking place. How can I remove them?

    Forgive me for saying so but although it may appear inconvenient there are sound reasons for employing the h2 tags , notwithstanding the fact it is inconsistent with the remainder. Matt likes to throw in the odd CSS challenge. Once we quit ranting and concentrate it is not difficult to fix.

    H2 is more semantically correct? That would be like exchanging the usual ordering of a book’s Bibliography and Table of Contents!

    NuclearMoose asked excellent questions ( #post-129807 ), and RSL’s idea ( #post-129834 ) would give users the needed flexibility.

    the easiest way to change the way the list looks is through the css file without touching the links.php at all as already said, it might affect other templates.

    I fixed the CSS to restore the look I had before upgrading to 1.5, thanks to the advice in this thread, but I wonder whether the semantic whizzes here reckon that one should be consistent about all the heading levels in a sidebar. Should pages, Other, Meta and Categories all be in H2 tags?


    things like http:// suddenly showing up before my relative (or in-house) URIs and <h2> tags appearing where I don’t want them….

    is irritating.

    markup tags should not be hidden deep within the software where users cannot change them. I want to control the horizontal and vertical, and not let the software do it.

    If the get_links tag creates an <h2> tag, then why don’t similar tags like the ones for category and archive do the same thing?

    here’s the differene as reflected on my site:


    • <?php get_links_list(); ?>
    • results in:
      <li id=”linkcat-1″><h2>People I know</h2>

      <li id=”categories”><?php _e(‘Categories:’); ?>

      <?php wp_list_cats(); ?>

    results in:
    <li id=”categories”>Categories:

      Thus, only that heading in the sidebar is off from all the other menu headings, which in most themes, tend to be stylistically th same.

Viewing 11 replies - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)
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