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  • I have an archive dropdown working as follows:

    <select onchange="if (this.selectedIndex != 0) { window.location = this[this.selectedIndex].value; }">
    <option>Choose Month...</option>
    <?php get_archives('monthly','','option'); ?>

    I think a category dropdown that works in a similar fashion would be great e.g. get_categories('format', 'name', 'before', 'after'); ?>

    <select onchange="if (this.selectedIndex != 0) { window.location = this[this.selectedIndex].value; }">
    <option>Choose Category...</option>
    <?php get_categories('option', 'name'); ?>

    Of course this is not possible at the moment using the dropdown_cats function as it creates the <select>, therefore preventing me from adding the onchange attribute. It also sets the value attribute of each option to it’s index rather than the category URL which is required for changing the window.location.

    Has this type of functionality been considered before?

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  • Moshu, I edited my original post before you replied I think. If you re-read you’ll see my comments on the dropdown_cats function. I know I can do this myself with code changes but I think this would be a useful addition to the codebase.

    I see. You can always suggest changes in the hackers list, there is more chance the developers will see it 🙂

    Chris Burgess


    There’s no need to modify core code here. With unobtrusive JavaScript you can make this form do what you want and not have to code JS into your HTML to boot.

    It’s a little more code than just “onchange=’location.href=xxx'”, but it’s a lot cleaner in the end.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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