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  • I just read through the thread about get_adjacent_post not ignoring specified categories but I did not see anything related to my issue.

    I am new to wordpress for please forgive any of my ignorance. As I was messing with a theme to suit my purposes I started to look at the individual post page, in particular the part delivered by single.php in my respective theme, and I noticed that the previous post link was there while the next post link was not. I followed this to the function get_adjacent_post.

    This is the snippet where I believe the problem lies. If $previous is set to true, then no problems, it returns something that the subsequent functions use to eventually give me a link to the previous post. However, if $previous = false, then nothing is returned and the function that calls this one gets a goose egg and returns nothing and therefore I get no link.

    If anyone knows what is going on, i would appreciate any help. If I need to specify my problem further in order to make it clearer, please let me know that as well.

    $adjacent = $previous ? 'previous' : 'next';
      $op = $previous ? '<' : '>';
      $order = $previous ? 'DESC' : 'ASC';
      $join  = apply_filters( "get_{$adjacent}_post_join", $join, $in_same_cat, $excluded_categories );
      $where = apply_filters( "get_{$adjacent}_post_where", $wpdb->prepare("WHERE p.post_date $op %s AND p.post_type = 'post' AND p.post_status = 'publish
      $sort  = apply_filters( "get_{$adjacent}_post_sort", "ORDER BY p.post_date $order LIMIT 1" );
      return $wpdb->get_row("SELECT p.* FROM $wpdb->posts AS p $join $where $sort");
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  • I am an idiot. I doesn’t work when you are already on the last post and the next post does not exist. >.<

    Sorry for the waste of time

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