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  • Hey everybody,

    I’m not a native english speaking person, so do not pay any attention to my writing skills.

    And, while I’m also not the very best coder, I have to ask you guys, if there’s a possibility to implement my idea. Here it goes:

    I have a tumblr video blog in which I post mostly youtube videos (they are music videos with the artists and songsname underneath). With the FirstRss plugin they are embedded in a page on my actual blog, and with the wordpress native RSS widget the are also listed in the sidebar.

    Now I had the following idea:
    It would be nice if I could embed the newest item (means only the one newest video) of the tumblr rss feed in the sidebar, and automatically get it resized because my sidebar doesn’t fit the default size of the youtube videos.

    So the requirements for the plugin/codesnippet/whatever will be:
    1. read rss feed once or twice a day
    2. select the first (or the newest) item
    3. resize the video to whatever
    4. embed resized video with the text I put under it in tumblr into the sidebar
    5. begin from 1.

    Does anybody of you know a plugin or something which fulfils my needs? Or even better, does anybody can write a few lines of code, or help me getting there?

    I would really appreciate your help.


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  • So, is there nobody out there wants the same, or who could solve this issue?

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