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    Hi Tom,

    Thank you for your message

    I have forwarded your concern around the Privacy Shield Framework to our legal team, who will take care of that.

    Please read this article for instructions on how to set up and customize a tracking consent banner on your website. Feel free to post on HubSpot Community for more specific questions around tracking consent, privacy or GDPR.


    So this is to setup inside of HubSpot (where i as website developer have no access to)? and then your Plugin shows that up? Or is this somehow stored into WordPress so no third-party connection is necessary?

    Do you think this is somehow legal to connect to your service before the user has given consent to that?

    Plugin Support mlamacchia


    What the plugin does is adding a HubSpot script into your website, which will let you embed all HubSpot features (cookie consent banner included) on your website. All your data is safely stored in HubSpot and no third-party connection is currently necessary.

    Please note that only WordPress admins can connect the plugin, and only after accepting HubSpot terms & conditions.

    When your scripts are added, do they load from your domain or from my WordPress Site?

    When they connect the client directly to your domain and THEN ask for a consent, its far too late. You say that no third party connection is opened but the data is stored at HubSpot – how is this technically possible? Because on my WordPress Site HubSpot IS the third-party.

    I looked into your suggested Community page but no answers there.
    I think you should go fast to integrate with the suggested Consent API here:

    Please don’t mark something as resolved that is not.

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    Hey, thanks for your questions. I hope I am understanding your asks correctly (please see below):

    The tracking code is loaded from HubSpot’s domain.

    The contact information is only stored in HubSpot when collected via a Form or Live Chat (or uploaded by you).

    Which Form tool are you using? I would recommend that the Form tool that you’re using have GDPR compliance, which should take care of your communication consent concerns.

    HubSpot is fully GDPR compliant ( see here )

    If you are using HubSpot Forms and/or popups, here’s an article to turn on the consent –

    If this doesn’t correctly answer your concerns, please let me know and I’ll try to provide more clarity!


    Plugin Support Gkarelitz


    Hey @netzgestaltung,

    I am going to close this ticket since I have not heard back from you.

    Please let me know if you need any further assistance!


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