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Get URL which shortcode is generating?

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  • Plugin Author Anthony Mills


    Hi Pete,
    No you can’t at present, if its a feature people would like its easy enough to add it to a future version. The URL can be worked out if its needed regardless manually as it follows the format below:




    Hi Anthony,

    I thought i’d need the URL to embed within a video player in a custom template but turns out the short codes work just fine rendering on the page


    Actually Anthony, the embed code i’m using seems to be defaulting to a flash player which doesn’t play the videos on my phone.

    On FlowPlayer’s website I see they do use an HTML5 player. Is flash being used because of the embed code? If so is there a way to switch this, i’m looking at the code in existing-videos.php


    I can probably add my own jQuery function to pop up and display the full URL to the video, then place it into a post and wrap it around the default FlowPlayer code to use HTML5 if you can just let me know if there’s a way to do it with the embed code.

    Ok here’s what I used for the full path to video.

    jQuery("a#getURL").click(function() {
    		var videoFile = jQuery(this).attr("title");
    		var linkText = '<h2>Full path to video on s3: </p><br>';
    		var shortLink = '<p><input type=\"text\" readonly=\"readonly\" name=\"shortlink\" value=\"http://' + awsBucket + '.s3.amazonaws.com/' + videoFile + '" style=\"width: 450px;\"></p>';
    		jQuery("#videoInfo").html(linkText + shortLink + '<br>');
    		jQuery().colorbox({width:"50%", inline:true, href:"#videoInfo"});
    <a href="#" title="<?php echo $existingVideo['name']; ?>" id="getURL">
    										Get URL
    Plugin Author Anthony Mills


    Hi Pete,
    Sorry on the delay in getting back to you, for some reason i never seem to get emails when a support topis is updated.

    If the HTML5 flow player is not working for you have you tried using the VideoJS player?

    What sort of video file is it? I know it seems stupid but its worth checking its not an .flv file or something that needs to be played by flash.

    If you do what to play with the actual embed code I would recommend you take a look at the file /s3-video/views/video-management/play-flowplayer.php I just based that off the examples on the flowplayer site so if you can find a better way to do it I am all ears 🙂



Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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