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    I’ve searched everywhere but I can’t make this work. I have three custom taxonomies in a news website. Let’s say that one taxonomy is “sport”. I’m using this to create sub-sites (the “sport” section has its own colors, contents…).

    I want to put a link in the menu that lists ALL the posts that have been signed inside that taxonomy. Not one single term inside “sport”. All of them. So I am not looking for a way to list all custom taxonomy terms and link to them. I know how to do that.

    I want to link to the WHOLE taxonomy. But I can’t find how. I tried with ?taxonomy=sport but it does not work. Maybe because permalinks are deactivated and no, I cannot activate them because at this time the server does not support them… Should I push the hosting service to support them and then I would be solved? Or there is something I am missing?

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  • Anybody?

    I ended up creating a custom type, “sportArticle”.

    Hi there,

    You could try grabbing the terms for the taxonomy and then looping through those to get the posts.

    Posts aren’t tied to a taxonomy, so the data structure doesn’t match what you’re looking to do. 🙂 They way to do this, that I’d advise, is above, or via a custom SQL query, which wouldn’t be the cleanest method.

    Yep. I created some pages and then created page-id.php files with the proper queries.

    I guess that what I was looking for was some built-in function that used something like category.php, which I find very interesting, because it works perfectly with all taxonomies terms, but not as an archive for all categories inside a taxonomy. Whatever 😀

    I don’t believe such a function exists, unfortunately. 🙂

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