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  • Dear all,

    I try to Install (AlexKing’s) PHOTOS for a WP test installation but there are such differences what the Readme says and what my fiels have. What is running on my Computer? I have WP v1.5 and P!v4.1

    From README.txt I’ve done successfully anything until point until point 4.
    In point 2 (plugins/wp-photos.php) I only input my table name and my own name under “$wpphotos->photographer”. What I don’t know is how to use the “$wpphotos->display_URL = ‘wp-photo.php’;”.

    Now point 5: It’s here where my problems start as I can’t find the location where to insert the Codes. I open wp-admin/edit.php.
    The Readme says “Add this at line 89: <th scope=”col”>Photos</th>”. Your example does not mach the real file. Your Example says: “<th scope=”col”><?php _e(‘Delete’) ?></th>”. The real file shows this: “<legend><?php _e(‘Browse Month…’) ?></legend>”.
    BTW – it is on line #139 NOT #89.

    This is how it looks like after my Editing:
    138 <th scope=”col”><?php echo $column_display_name; ?></th>
    139 <?php } ?>
    140 <th scope=”col”>Photos</th>
    141 </tr>

    At least I managed this insert I hope 😉

    Further the README.txt says: Add this at line 144: <td><?php wpphotos_link(); ?></td>”. The Demo shows this:

    <td><?php if (($user_level > $authordata->user_level) or ($user_login == $authordata->user_login)) { echo “” . __(‘Delete’) . ““; } ?></td>

    I may be blind (sometimes) or may not being able to read. But this Code is nowhere to find. I can find on line 219 something similar but honestly I’m totaly lost and my knowledge in php is not sufficient to make suche a decission. But anyhow I insertet it below this code and before the “</tr>”. Was this correct?

    Point 6 instructs to open the “index.php”. Done!
    To simplify here is the content of my index.php:

    <?php include_once (“<blog location>/wp-content/plugins/rk/referrer-karma.php”); check_referrer();

    /* Short and sweet */
    define(‘WP_USE_THEMES’, true);

    I don’t have the “<?php the_content” and the next code should go before which comments? “/* Short and sweet */”?

    Does please anyone have time to give me a help getting PHOTOS up and running on WP. Thanks for your time and patience.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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