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    hello, anyone
    I’ve used custom fields to add a link to a pdf (if exists) using the coffee2code c2c_get_custom() plugin

    echo c2c_get_custom('heading-pdf','<div id="pdflink"><a href="','.pdf" title="download pdf">(download pdf)</a></div>','','');

    1) when I hover over the link, it shows the correct url

    2) if I right-click on that and choose save link as, the pdf (which opened just fine otherwise) is corrupted after downloading and won’t open.

    3) if I just click the link (and I do have acrobat software & plugins installed), I get a nearly blank page with:

    “Hello world!(download pdf)

    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!”

    as the content.

    ?? Is this an .htaccess issue, do you think? Or should I question the server administrator regarding the pdf or what?

    I uploaded the pdfs via FTP and I’ve never had it corrupt a pdf doing so… given that the url is correct (I can see it in the status portion of the browser and clicking it DOES take me to the right url), I can’t imagine that the issue is path related.




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