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    Thank you for writing to us.

    It is presently not possible to show the list when meta data is created. The admin will have to manually check it from RegistrationMagic > fields > select the particular field and go to it’s advanced settings > check if add this field to user account is enabled > also check for the associated user meta key here.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions.


    Because, things are always somewhere, I have looked at the database and naturally the table usermeta.
    I would have been able to find the values for users which are written by registrationmagic but there is no information to link a meta_key to registrationmagic plugin which have created it. I would get the solution.

    While WP uses “wp_” to identifiy the WP metakeys , wp edit pro uses aaa_wp_edit_pro, most of plugin indicates into meta_key which meta_key they are managing. This is not the case for registrationmagic.

    In another way we can imagine that some common metakeys can be share between several plugins and there is a db rule which forces them to be unique. I have not seen how registrationmagic manages this constraint.

    Finally, as most of already registered users had not the metakeys filled I do not know if registrationmagic have or not created the meta_key instances with empty values when registrationmagic form have been created (seems impossible without editing user profile because there are several types of users with different meta_keys).
    The consequence is that to check and fill data (declared necessary for some users) appears currently something quite impossible without new pieces of code.
    The problem come from the fact that the site has already users before the beginning of the use of registrationmagic and data must be verified and upgraded.

    I tried to produce “valid” lists of users (easy to check with type of fields, easy to edit). For now I have not found how to perform this.

    Can you give me some urls which will give information of how to use the XML forms descriptions. It seems that this is the unique place where it is possible to get a description of forms. Even the forms are listed into database the fields seems not to be (I have sought into rm_ tables).

    Best regards


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    I apologise for the delay in response. RegistrationMagic does not create its own meta keys but can use existing keys created by any other plugin and store values from RegistrationMagic form fields. To do that.

    1.You should first find out the meta key in which you wish to store the form field value.

    2.Then insert the meta key in respective field options by going to Fields (on Form Card) > Find the required field and click Edit. Once inside, go to its advanced settings > Select: Add this field to user account > insert the meta key.

    Associated tables are linked together by common columns. For example: rm_fields table is associated with rm_forms via column named form_id.

    There’s no specific system to fill in forms of existing users. Users will need to be requested to fill the form.

    I can understand this can be cumbersome to begin with. Perhaps devising a workflow may help. For example, you can set up the form to assign a specific user role on successful submission (You can create new roles using User Roles menu item). 
Then redirect the Login form, using Redirections system, for all other relevant roles to the form page. Users who have already submitted will no longer be taken to the form. Of course, this is just an idea and your workflow maybe different. But there is a possibility that combination of tools inside RegistrationMagic maybe able to resolve some, if not all your difficulties. Remember, a form response once submitted can be edited by Admin in future.

    We don’t use XML for form fields, unless I am misunderstanding the XML you are referring to. All the fields are saved into the database. Please check rm_fields table.

    Please do let us know if you have any further questions.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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