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  • trying to install 2.0.3, i have deleted all files both on my comp and server dropped sql, renamed it, re-zip extract files ..everything goes cool ..install, default index page comes up, click site admin, login come up, sign in .. and then i get this characters..  .. and no dashboard..

    i have repeated the above steps several times?

    what could be wrong?

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  • here’s another weird thing… right now the only file i have on the server in regards to bzoo is is a html file telling people that bzoo is in maintenance..

    look please..

    what comes up is the old bzoo on another server that had a redirect ..there is no redirect or bzoo files on there either.

    perhaps my comp has it cache (but i cleaned cookies and rebooted) ..but if you see anything besides maintenance info can that be?

    There isn’t any index.html there:

    do you see anything? dont put absolute in just and yes it is there, on the server that is in the correct folder (root), that what is so weird.. cant see the html, which is there, and one sees the old bzoo that is not there.. if you just use the url

    Yes, if I use your link I can see what you call the “old bzoo”.

    why? there are no files (or db’s) from my end on the net or servers i use? this has me confused?

    more frustrated because i cant get wordpress 2.0.3 working?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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