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  • Hi there,

    (Like many many many many others) I’ve been hit by trackback spam today for the first time.

    Around 60 messages leading to different addresses. Funny enough, they are all redirecting to Google. They all have in common the same domain in Russia.

    Anyway, I’m looking for a way to get rid of it, like many others… Trackback spam is a pain, … so far.

    I use the inelegant solution mentionned here earlier today.
    But to make it work, you need to change the quotes. I posted the command that contains the correct quotes that can’t be posted here due to some editing reasons (backticks cannot be shown).

    In fact I posted the full procedure to :

    1. Turn off trackback on old posts
    2. Turn off trackback on future posts
    3. Delete unwanted trackback

    You can find it here in english, et ici en français.

    Note : I’d like to mention that posting code this was made possible by a plugin (WP Unformatted) that allows me to remove curly quotes on a post per post basis. Credits goes to Alex King.

    I could be happy with my workaround, but It’s just a trivial workaround, therefore I’m not satisfied at all. Why should I stop using trackback because of (so far) one spammer ?
    I’ve seen other solutions, like the WordPress Spam Stopper. But this involves the replacement of files that are already heavily modified … to prevent comment spam.

    I know Christmas is over, but hell, here is my wish list : I’m still looking for a PURE plugin solution. Something that will allow us total control over trackbacks and the possibility to delete them pretty much the same way than for the comments. If any smart programmer here could release such tool that would be great. A simple TrackBack moderation plugin would be enough.
    It would be even better if it could be integrated in the next major release of WP…

    Cheers, and happy new year 😉

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    You could have at least credited btvillarin for that SQL query in your blog post.

    Anywho, thanks for the consolidated list.

    Thread Starter chiensavant


    Ho… You’re right I mention it here, but not on the blog. Let me correct that mistake. 🙂
    Edit : Done.

    If you want a couple of plugins to quickly place all trackbacks and pingbacks into the comment moderation queue, try these out….

    Trackback and Pingback Moderation Plugins

    @macmanx: Thanks man, and I give credit to O.F. Jay. =)

    @mtdewvirus: Haven’t seen the plugin yet, nor have I gotten any new trackback spam since this morning. But, it’s nice to know that only trackbacks and/or pingbacks can be moved to moderation queue, rather than all comments. Awesome!

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    LisaS’ solution (hack) to throw all trackbacks into moderation and leave comment moderation functioning normally:

    My plugins do the same thing and you don’t have to hack up any of your files, just activate the plugins for whichever (PB or TB) you want to send to moderation. They don’t do anything to mess with commenting.

    Putting everything into moderation worked for me for a while – but then the flood of SPAM became so overwhelming that it actually functioned like an attack on my servers – making it completely unusable. The only option was to turn off Trackback entirely.

    I really hope that WP 1.5 has some great anti-SPAM features built-in!!!

    I’ve gotten about 600 of these stupid things in the last 24 hours.

    After much mucking about, I came up with the same solutions mentioned above (I guess I should have searched here first). I’ve had great luck with a custom one-off for comment spam and was hoping to do something similar in this case (I won’t post what I did there but will gladly share if you ask).

    This is so wildly irritating.

    The scripts and plugins are well and good (Spam Karms + Refer Karma makes like better), but sometimes its good to play on offense instead of defense all the time.

    I’ve done some research, identified one spamhouse as being responsible for 85% of my spam, found out he/it is an affiliate marketer for 13 online casinos, found his identifing URLs and created a petition to be signed and sent to the top brass of the casinos’ umbrella business association.

    Because of several factors, I think there’s a good chance these guys will take action against one of the blogosphere’s most notorius spammers if a few of us sign the petition. Read the details here:

    Please consider taking a step toward reclaiming your servers and blogs. If we can hit these cretins in the wallets, we are hitting them where it hurts.


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