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  • My Question:
    What is easist way to get rid of the ‘Share This’ text that appears at end of content generated by the the_content_rss() function (when using Share This plugin)?

    More Info:
    I’m using the_content_rss() to generate a truncated summary (first 100 words) of each news item. After installing the ‘Share This’ plugin the text ‘Share This’ appears at end of the generated output if there are less than 100 words. The ‘Share This’ phrase is not hyperlinked (I think the_content_rss() removes hyperlinks), so it is just plain text and it makes no sense to have it there. So how can I get rid of it? I thought setting AKST_ADDTOFEED to false might do the trick but that did not work. Setting AKST_ADDTOCONTENT to false does remove it but of course that also removes it from everywhere that I actually want it to appear so obviously that’s not the answer.

    Your responses are appreciated.

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