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  • Hi – great plugin so far and the closest I have found to doing what I need.
    Just a couple of queries though..

    Is there a way to completely remove this Hide/Show playlist text from the player? I would rather the playlist was not seen by anyone as it would be cumbersome with some 1000+ mp3 titles I want to play.

    Perhaps this is customisable in the php text file things>? I thought I would ask here before I start rooting around there.
    That would be cool for some help!

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  • Plugin Author simon.ward


    from 1.8 you can add this in the shortcode:


    Thanks but that did nothing. I tried adding that in the options where there was a space to add shortcode.

    Plugin Author simon.ward


    If you’re manually writing shortcodes in posts then it needs to go in each one, eg:

    [mp3-jplayer style="nolistbutton" ..etc..]

    which should hide the button (‘nolistbutton’ is a css class in the stylesheet).

    You can also hide the list itself, either on the settings page (using ‘start with playlists showing’ option), or individually in the shortcode like this:

    `[mp3-jplayer style=”nolistbutton” list=”n” ..etc..]

    That field under ‘Template options’ (where you can write a shortcode) is only used for link replacement, and doesn’t affect any other shortcodes you write.

    If it’s still not working, post a link and i’ll take a look.

    Hi – thanks for the reply. Apologies for not getting back sooner – have not done any more work on my site in 2 weeks.
    Okay, so the problem is that I am not puting the radio player in posts – it is static on a sidebar and displayed all the time on the site. So..I am not sure where to put the code.

    Basically, the functions I need from this plug in are:

    Shuffle Play
    Continuous playback through changing page
    No playlist visible, or no playlist ON/OFF button visible
    It needs to display in the sidebar or as popout

    If a conitnuous playback function is not possible, perhaps there is an option to begin the player as a pop-out as defualt?

    thanks Simon if you can help

    The player is not even showing up now

    ok its showing up now, just had not ticked a box

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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