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  • I’m not quite sure that this is the fault of amr ical events list or some interaction with WordPress HTTPS, but on OS/2 (under Apache), where “:” is an illegal character in a filename, I’m getting multiple hits in my Apache error log similar to the following:

    [Sun Mar 23 10:46:39 2014] [error] [client nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn] (OS 123)SYS0123: A file name or volume label contains an incorrect character. : Cannot map GET /wp-content/plugins/amr-ical-events-list/css/https://www.mysite.tld/wp-content/pl
    ugins/amr-ical-events-list/css/icallist.css?ver=1 HTTP/1.1 to file, referer: http://www.mysite.tld/

    On OS/2, a SYS0123 is an incorrect character in a filename or volume label, however, I’m not even sure why we’re trying to pull the CSS this way, as it would never load, in any event (there is no subdirectory of https://... under the plugin’s css directory).

    I reference WordPress HTTPS because I note the protocol being requested. The interesting thing here is that WP HTTPS is configured to force HTTPS only upon logging in or using the contact page on the site, though I am fairly certain that not all of these hits correspond to random hits on the contact page.

    The relevant (if indeed this plugin is coming into play and not merely reporting the news) appears to be in includes/amr-ical-events-list-main.php, FWIW.

    Any ideas, here?



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  • Plugin Author anmari


    Hi Lewis,

    Looks like its building up the css file url incorrectly there.
    Goto admin > ical events list first settings page,
    scroll to “Styling and Images”
    and see what’s there.

    You can tick “use my theme css” and it will stop trying to load the css file – which sounds like it is not doing anyway right now, so maybe you don’t need it?

    Also see what’s in the css url – is that correct ?

    I’ve never used wordpress HTTPS so not sure whether /when it would impact.

    Thanks much for the speedy reply.

    I had no options checked for css; I’ve now selected to use my theme’s CSS (this site is using Suffusion 4.4.7). Selecting this option seems to have stopped the barrage of error messages. When I get a chance, I’ll test without the HTTPS plugin and see if I get the same erroneous URL passed, but without SSL. I also have a second test site running WP 3.5.2; I see that version compatibility here is marked up to 3.6.1, so perhaps some issue crept in after that version? I’ll test and see what I get. If everything works as expected, I’ll advise and will mark this thread as resolved. Otherwise, perhaps we can look further. In the meantime, using the theme CSS is a suitable workaround; thanks for the suggestion!

    To answer your last question, the CSS URL which was previously being requested was, in fact, incorrect.



    Plugin Author anmari


    Hi Lewis, glad to hear you sorted! Having a wrong url there would of course have caused a problem too.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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